Teorik Bakış, Alman ve Türk Toplumundan Örnekler, İstanbul Sözleşmesi

Prof. Dr. Gökce Yurdakul,

Berlin Humboldt Üniversitesi, 13 Aralik 2020,

Lions Kulüpleri Konusma Metni

Sayın Necla Hanım, sayın Abide Lions Kulübü ve sayın Kıbrıs Lions Kulübü üyeleri ve Yönetim Kurulu, beni bugün konuşma yapmak üzere davet ettiğiniz için çok teşekkür ederim. Öncelikle Lions Kulüpleri’nin çalışmalarını ve topluma olan önemli katkılarını yakından takip ettiğimi belirtmek isterim. Mağdur durumda olan engelli bireylerin topluma kazandırılması konusunda maddi ve manevi yapılan yardımlar hem engelliler için hem de Türkiye’de engelli bireylere bakış açısının değiştirilebilmesi için çok değerli. Bu ve diğer başka sosyal sorumluluk projelerini göz önünde…

26 Nisan 2020, Berlin

Sevgili Yıldız Hocam,

Türkiye’den doktora yapmak için ayrılalı 21 yıl oldu. Son on yıldaysa Berlin’de Humboldt Üniversitesinde çalışmalarımı yürütüyorum. Geriye dönüp baktığımda son on yıl içinde sizinle hiç görüşemediğimizi fark ediyorum. Ancak emin olun ki ODTÜ’deki anılarımız her gittiğim yerde bana eşlik ediyor. Öğrencilikten profesörlüğe evirildiğim yıllar içerisinde, amfide ders verirken, kütüphanede çalışırken, konferansta tebliğ sunarken, bir makale üzerinde çalışırken sizden öğrendiklerim her daim yoluma ışık tutuyor. Kadın çalışmalarının ve kadın akademisyenlerle dayanışmanın önemini sizden öğrendim. Katılma şansına nail olduğum dersleriniz, birlikte yaptığımız okuma ve analizler, büyük bir ilgiyle yürüttüğünüz seminer tartışmaları halen dün gibi aklımda…

This essay was printed in the „Retirement Book“ compiled for Karin Lohr, Professor of Gender and Work at the HU Berlin, 2020.

When one searches in google “Institute of Social Sciences at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin” the first photo, which comes up is Karin Lohr and the students. Karin is the embodiment of Institute, she is our Institute’s history and its memory. After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Karin was one of the very few professors from the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) who stayed as a professor in the Institute of Social Sciences. Normally, the transition between the…

How I decided for my PhD dissertation topic

Park in Kreuzberg, July 2010. Photo Nadine Blumer

In March 2020, I was attending the Alumni conference at the Weatherhead Center at Harvard University where I spent my sabbatical. There I had the chance to reunite my fellow colleagues, as well as a colleague whom I had not seen for a long time, Elke Winter. Elke was a graduate student at York University while I was doing my PhD at the University of Toronto. So I know her for about twenty years. We have met many times in friendship circles in Toronto…

My good colleague and friend, Anna Korteweg and I have been co-authoring articles (and a book!) for over a decade. Here are some tips on how to have a successful co-authorship.

I met Anna in my last year as a PhD student at the University of Toronto. I was about to defend my dissertation, and she was a new hire from Berkeley at the sociology department of University of Toronto. One of our senior professors, legendary Charles Jones, figured out that we have similar interests in research topics, and he suggested that we should meet. Anna and I met over…

Racism: What did we do in the university?

Regina Römhild and I are our book launch at SAVVY Contemporary in 2018. Photo credit: Merve Terzi

Last week, my colleague Eva Boesenberg at the Amerikanistik and I have been working on a letter to send to our university’s leadership. The context, as you know, the murder of Georg Floyd by a white American police officer in Minnesota, which caused a tsunami of anti-racist protests around the world. Eva and I wanted our university leadership to take a position by making a public statement against racism, similar to other universities. We also invited around ten colleagues and students who are active in the anti-racist movement, many of them racialized…

When I was 14 years old (in 1988) my parents sent me to the United States to spend a summer with relatives. The glitch was that I had to fly from Istanbul to Baltimore, with a plane change in New York BY MYSELF. It was my first time on the plane. So our plane from Istanbul to New York was delayed, and I missed the next plane to Baltimore. At that time there were no extensive help for minors flying alone. I remember that I was extremely stressed, I had no way to find my way around in the crowd…

For his completion thesis, one of my students chose to work on the media analysis around the murder of Zak Kostopoulos, a gay activist in Athens. This essay is how students work transform our thinking and contributes to our intellectual development.

After the murder such texts were written on the walls in Athens, I think it says “your normality smells blood. we are all Zak”

When I have many things to finish over the week, I make a list of A and B on a piece of paper. A list means the things that are urgent, B list means I can take my time and finish it within one week. The C list is the list for items that need more time, like I…

We spend our time, our energy, our scholarship trying to understand a colonial system which occupied our entire lives and careers.

Dr. Nil Mutluer and I met in 2017 when she received Phillip Schwartz Fellowship for Scholars at Risk. This photo was sent to Dr. Mutluer from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as a reminder of that day.

I was teaching a seminar on migration when four young people, who look like university students knocked on the door, and announced that the teaching rooms on the ground floor of our Institute are occupied. You can read more about the protesters and their occupation of our seminar rooms here (in German). Today, I will not write about my political opinion for this group, rather I will reflect on myself and scholars like me who come from conflict-ridden, war-torn…

„The more impact factor we count, the less impact we have on our society“

Angel of Freedom at the German historical Museum © Photo credit myself.

In our recent conversation, my amazing colleague Adriana Kemp, the Chair of the sociology department at the Tel Aviv University, was critical about the impact factor. She wanted to see how we actually have impact in our societies. This is the topic of my essay today, what kind of impact do we want to have?

All the colleagues I know, including myself, are putting extraordinary effort in maintaining our google citation pages. The citation record became the measure of the impact that we make as scholars…

Gokce Yurdakul

Professor of Sociology, author of “From Guest Workers into Muslims” (2009) and co-author of “The Headscarf Debates” (2014)

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